At the dawn of privatisation of Space, the new age of space exploration, Namira Salim envisions “Space as the New Frontier for Peace.” Therefore, she has made it her life mission to inspire world leaders with the “Overview Effect” or the view of Earth from Space, to inspire Peace and Trust beyond man-made borders.

In November 2015, Namira launched SPACE TRUST, a non-profit initiative, marking its inaugural event in the Principality of Monaco in the presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. SPACE TRUST envisions to make Space for Peace and Trust on Earth via novel space themed initiatives to inspire change, encourage dialogue and enrich education.


Namira Salim is a Founder of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the First private space-line of the world. She is internationally renowned as the First (future) Space Tourist from South Asia, Middle East and Monaco. Sir Richard Branson personally introduced Namira to the world press in Dubai in March 2006 as one of the earliest Founders of Virgin Galactic. This launch, which showed early consumer confidence in the project, was aimed at raising an investor for Virgin Galactic and landed Virgin its biggest stake holder in Aabar Investments PJS worth $380 million. Being an avid promoter of private spaceflight and a keen advocate of peaceful uses of space, Namira has remained in the global limelight since over a decade and has also been widely written about in the international press for her pioneering peace expeditions to all three poles of the world in 2007 and 2008. Namira completed her sub-orbital spaceflight training in the world’s most advanced high performance centrifuge, the STS-400, at the NASTAR CENTER in the United States, under the supervision of Virgin Galactic in 2007.